Country Cooking from a Redneck Kitchen

US Price: $22

Released March, 29th 2016

My Opinion:

We got this book really early in the mail! I am in love with the cover of this amazing cookbook. I have never had a cookbook that I have wanted to cook every single thing in! I think everyone, no matter what part of the world or country you are in, will find something that will be so good that you would want to nap after eating it!


What Others Have Said:

Country Cooking From A Redneck Kitchen is filled with down-home recipes that will make you want to get in the kitchen to recreate these timeless beauty’s! Francine is a simple country girl from South Carolina with a God-given talent with food, she started out winning her first cooking circuit when she was just sixteen years old and this book is a showcase of her many talents. With recipes ranging from fried chicken to holiday dressing and pies, if you want a little taste of down-home cooking, then this is the book for you.

I truly love reading southern cookbooks, it makes me feel like home again just reading all the great recipes that is comfort food to me. The pictures were truly amazing in this book, you can almost smell the fried chicken and okra! I was able to watch The American Baking Competition and you could see the love that Francine puts into her work, I’m truly glad that there is a cookbook from her just to make these delicious recipes anytime I want to!!

Thank You to Francine Bryson for having a cookbook like this out so everyone can try to remake these awesome recipes!!

I received this book from Blogging For Books in exchange for a honest review.



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